Àngel González Llàcer

From Barcelona to the World

To paint is a lonely job.
To paint is to feel weird and even though that to do.
To paint is to find solutions to visual problems which are beyond comprehension.
To paint is to know better self-limitations every day, and every day to try to break them.
To paint, sometimes, hurts.
To paint is to feel after 20 years painting that you don’t know anything of painting.
To paint is a hard way of life.
To paint demands two “tempos”: a high mental speed for the now-moment, and a slow one to plan strategies on 2, 5, 20 years perspective.
To paint is to be open to overwhelming energies.
To paint, often, is frightening.
To paint demands sensitivity.
To paint demands rigour.
To paint is to want to show the results to the others and to be terrified of doing it.
To paint is not to talk.
To paint is to do the kind of magic reason refuses
…and it is marvellous.



Hice mi primera exposición individual en la galería Àgora de Sitges en 1986. Desde entonces he ido exponiendo en galerías de Barcelona, Sitges, Jávea (Tarragona), Andorra, Madrid, Módena, Nueva York, París, Montreal, Helsinki, diversas ciudades alemanas y Amsterdam.

En este tiempo también he dado clases de arte en Altos de Chavón (República Dominicana) Lahti Y Helsinki (Finlandia), y en “Barcelona Center for Education Abroad” y “Escola d’Art Sanvisens” ambos centros en Barcelona.

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